Here are some random tips that I might incorporate into another page, right now I don't want to consider where to put it.

  • Check online for coupons for products you want before going shopping!
  • Once you have bought the products, search them for coupons. I've noticed that all of this super expensive food likes to give coupons, but they make you go through an obstacle course to get them. Case in point: Erewhon Cereals => check inside box for coupons printed into the cereal box. They are tricky and won't mention it on the outside of the box.
Things you eat that you don't think of
  • gum
  • mints - altoids have soy. Who knew, and it made me sick. 
  • breath strips
  • toothpaste
Basically, pretend like you're a 5 year old, and before you put something in your mouth, make sure you can actually do that without consequences. (For a 5 year old, they cannot eat lamps. For you, you cannot eat certain ingredients.)

All of this stuff you are going to start using - they go bad fast!! If you make a cake, don't leave it out! It will go bad in about 2 days. Store things in the fridge ASAP and I'd give it a life of 5 days. 
Also, your flours and other ingredients can go bad just not being used! I need to look it up more, but keep these in the fridge if you can. I've heard they have a month life in the fridge...which concerns me since all of mine are out on my counter at the moment....fridge isn't that big...